Keyence unveils new instant measurement system: IM-7000 series

Keyence has expanded its range of Instant Measurement Systems with the new larger IM-7000 Series. Designed with an expanded 200mm x 200mm high-precision stage and a newly developed light probe unit for use on obscured features, the latest model enables one-push measurement of up to 99 dimensions on even the most complex or awkwardly-shaped components in seconds.

Building on the success of previous IM Series Systems in addressing inspection applications for pressed, turned, moulded and electronic components, the new IM-7000 is designedto accommodate the measurement of larger, more complex precision components common across the automotive and aerospace supply chains. In addition to an enlarged 200mm x 200mm measurement field of view the high-speed stage means that parts can be measured at three times the speed of conventional measurement systems.

The new light probe unit enables the measurement of awkward features by tracking the motion of the probe and detecting the point of contact with the target surface. Based on the probe’s distance of movement from the point of origin to the target, the device is able to detect and generate measurements for obscure features such as shallow internal radii that are typically invisible to the camera with conventional lighting apparatus. The revolutionary spherical bearing mechanism of the probe provides considerably lower friction than conventional touch probes. With an extremely low measuring force of just 0.015N, the probe helps to ensure the generation of accurate measurement results by minimising the risk of misalignment or deformation on small or soft targets.

Despite a number of new features, the IM-7000 retains the principles of simple operation and speed common to previous models in the range. Once configured, up to 99 dimensions on up to 100 parts can be measured with a single button press, to a repeatability of ±1 micron. Results are returned in seconds and automatically stored by the system along with an ‘OK’ or ‘NG’ judgement against programmed tolerances, helping to eliminate user error.Stored measurement information can be retrieved and exported into custom inspection reports with a single click.

The same principles of simplicity and speed are extended to the programming interfaces also, which are designed to be accessible to any user, regardless of their experience with the machine. Addressing some of the common issues with conventional measurement technology, the IM Series allows new parts to be programmed in minutes via a series of user-friendly interfaces with edge detection and a range of intuitive measurement tools. For more complex issues, Keyence offers direct support for the system from its team of specialist engineers.

To promote the launch of the IM-7000 Series, Keyence are offering no-obligation on-site demonstrations to interested parties. To register your interest and request a demonstration of the new device from your local measurement specialist please contact Keyence on +44 (0) 1908 696 900.

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