maxon medical products and applications

With DC motors as small 4mm it’s not surprising that 45% of maxon motor’s global business is from the medical industry. From heart pumps to surgical robots, limb prosthesis to drug delivery systems maxon has designed and manufactured motors and systems for medical use. Patrick Vega, Technical Engineer at maxon motor uk, discusses some of the applications that maxon have featured in.

Prosthetic limbs are used to replace what is lost to an amputee. These contain DC motors that play a major part in the capabilities of an artificial limb. Prosthetic limbs allow people to gain a sense of feeling of movement again. Imagine something as simple as picking up a glass of water. We require our fingers to wrap around the glass and apply just the right amount of force around the glass to keep it held in your hand. Small DC motors are necessary for these applications. When selecting a DC motor for a prosthetic, it will need to fill the following requirements: compactness, high power density, high acceleration, lightweight and some require high controllability. maxon products succeed in every single aspect. Next it is a matter of selecting the most suitable drive system to provide the required torque and speed.

Compact and light-weight

In maxon’s brushed motor range starting from the smallest, we have the DCX 6 which has a diameter of just 6mm. Now you must be thinking, you can’t get smaller than that, surely? Oh yes, we can! maxon’s specialism is creating small drives below 70V. Our brushless range starts as small as 4mm diameter with a length of below 21mm with a mass of just 1.2g.

EC Flat motors are popular for many reasons; brushless technology, lightweight, high torque, compactness and low cost. These motors are used in many applications throughout all areas. This year we have developed the EC Flat frameless. Forget the motor’s housing, bearings and motor shaft. All you have is the rotor and stator so that you can fully integrate the motor into your design; saving even more space with reduced weight.

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