maxon motor expands surgical range with new high speed, autoclavable motors

maxon has added to its impressive range of high-precision brushless motors for medical and surgical applications.
The EC8 micro drive offers extreme performance in a compact space, while EC13 and EC size 5 are fully sterilisable in an autoclave. All are ISO 13485 accredited.

With continuous torque of up to 0.95 mNm and a nominal speed as high as 80,000 rpm, the new 8mm motor has an efficiency of 70%, achieved through its use of a neodymium magnet and magnetic return. The motor's exceptional performance from a very compact size, coupled with unrivalled build quality in accordance with Medical Standard ISO 13485, makes it ideal for surgical applications. Construction is further enhanced by maxon's laser welding technology which has been used for the motor/gear and shaft/pinion. The combination comes in one piece, improving strength and reliability. The versatile 2 watt micro motor is available with 6V, 12V or 24V windings, with or without Hall sensors. Thanks to maxon's modular approach, the EC 8 can be easily combined with the matching GP 8A planetary gearhead, whilst compatibility with the controllers DEC 24/1, DEC Module 24/2 and DECS 50/5 is guaranteed. maxon motor UK sales engineer Greg Dutfield said: "The EC 8 is a high torque, compact motor, built according to the highest quality standards. With outstanding performance for its size, the motor feels at home in a host of different medical applications: sampling robots, insulin pumps, portable analyzers, collimators and surgical microscopes to name just a few." maxon motor has also expanded its range of sterilisable drives for high speed medical applications with new 50 watt versions of its EC 13 and EC Size 5 brushless motors. Both drives, produced in accordance with Medical Standard ISO 13485, offer high performance with extremely low noise and vibration, generating very little heat and making them ideal for medical use. The upgraded 50 watt versions offer speeds of up to 90,000 rpm with efficiencies now reaching 90%, whilst delivering 50% more torque at 8 mNm when compared to the standard 30 watt drive. This additional performance is provided with only 11 mm of extra length, making the new 50 Watt drives particularly suitable for a range of surgical procedures where there is a need for increased power in confined spaces. The highly versatile motors are available with or without Hall sensors and come with 12V, 24V or 48V windings. Thanks to maxon's unique design the motors can be sterilised up to 500 times in an autoclave without any need to dismantle, opening new avenues for surgical equipment designers. maxon motor UK senior sales engineer Ian Bell said: "With a very high nominal speed, quiet running, minimized heat generation and the ability to be sterilised in an autoclave, the 50 watt drives offer new possibilities for medical use where a compact design is necessary." The new micro motor and sterilisable drives feature in the 2010/11 maxon motor catalogue, available now from maxon motor UK. Contact Maxon House, Hogwood Lane, Finchampstead, Berks, RG40 4QW; telephone 01189 733337, email , or visit