New catalogue for Polaris advanced distributed motion controls available from LG Motion

A new catalogue that demonstrates PMDi's Polaris high performance distributed motion and machine control system is now available from LG Motion Limited. Polaris combines motion, amplifiers, I/O, and other control modules in a powerful ultra-high speed deterministic network.

PMDi's Polaris runs on the company's own real-time Gbit/s Mercury network and perfectly complements LG Motion's comprehensive range of positioning mechanics and machine design expertise to enable customised automated sub-systems for applications across industry and research. Polaris offers extremely advanced motion and machine control with nanosecond synchronisation of motion and processes for high end applications that include semiconductor and optical device manufacture, laser materials processing, MEMS and micro-fabrication. The Polaris controller is a complete computer that has been designed for real time motion control. The controller communicates to a client PC through Ethernet. Optional USB and DVI connectors can be used for peripheral computer I/O devices. A large solid state drive is used for non-volatile data storage. Four Mercury network ports provide a connection to remotely located network drives with Linux used as the operating system. The new catalogue discusses the architecture, capabilities and applications for the system that enables deterministic real time motion control with synchronisation of up to 124 axes plus high speed data acquisition and control in all amplifier and IO modules to within 10 nanoseconds.. With the servo loop performed in the amplifier, enabling rates of up to 200kHz, advanced system performance features include advanced motion path planning, cubic splines, PVT profiles, and jerk limitation. Both the motion controller and the amplifier feature full 64-bit double floating point calculations for extremely high levels of positioning accuracy, fast servo feedback rates and sub-micron resolution for improved form and finish combined with high speed and acceleration controls that enable faster production throughput. LG Motion Limited has a distribution partnership with PMDi, the ultra-high performance motion control technology leader. Founded in 1994, PMDi is a well established North American designer and manufacturer of cutting edge machine control technology specialising in high speed distributed motion control, data transfer and acquisition.