New Counterbalance Support Hinge Provides Precise Control Whilst Reducing Overall Solution Cost

Southco’s new CB Counterbalance Support Hinge has arrived. The new support hinge can be utilised in tandem with a single CB Counterbalance Hinge to reduce the total solution cost of lifting and positioning heavy panels and lids.

For applications where one Counterbalance Hinge can supply the necessary torque requirements of the panel or lid on its own, the new CB Counterbalance Support Hinge enables ergonomic lifting and position control. The hinges are fully adjustable, allowing the designer to define the end user experience by tailoring open and closing efforts to the unique requirements of the application.

How Costs Can Be Reduced:

  • In applications where one Counterbalance hinge supplies the required torque, the Support Hinge removes the need, and cost, of the second CB hinge.
  • Robust, all-aluminium construction offers improved corrosion resistance and consistent performance in hot and cold temperatures.
  • Increased cycle life reduces warranty, maintenance and installation costs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Enables ergonomic lifting and position control when combined with a CB Counterbalance Hinge by using stored energy to balance the weight distribution of a lid or panel
  • Improves functionality and aesthetics when compared to traditional gas struts
  • CB Counterbalance Hinges provide precise control when opening and closing heavy panels, reducing safety and liability concerns while improving end user ergonomics.
  • Can be combined with a CB Support Hinge for a variety of configuration options.
  • Flexible design accommodates various application geometries and weights.
  • Controls motion by neutralising panel weight.
  • Enables easy lifting and position control.
  • Compact design allows mounting inside enclosures.
  • High vibration resistance for harsh applications.
  • Corrosion-resistant construction withstands hot and cold environments.
  • Maintains consistent performance without maintenance or readjustment.

“Significantly Lower Total Solution Cost”

Global Product Manager Stewart Beck adds, "The Counterbalance Support Hinge improves functionality and aesthetics when compared to traditional gas struts. When installed with our standard CB Counterbalance Hinge, the CB Counterbalance Support Hinge offers the benefits of a Counterbalance product, but allows users to significantly lower their total solution cost."

Richard Avery, Zygology’s Sales Manager added, “Any opportunity for our customers to reduce their solution costs whilst ensuring exceptional performance is always welcome. The safety and ease of lifting heavy panels and lids provided by the CB Counterbalance Hinge, combined with reduced costs thanks to the new Support hinge, make this an ideal new product for our customers.”

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