New dynamic torque measuring flange from Kistler

The new 4504B torque measuring flange from Kistler offers excellent performance for demanding and complex test applications from 50Nm to 5000Nm, with the added benefit of mechanical and electrical compatibility to previous generations of torque flanges.

The 4504B retains the slim profile and high torsional rigidity of it's predecessor whilst improving the dynamic response and precision. All versions from 50Nm to 5000Nm are supplied with an accuracy class of 0.1 as standard whilst active temperature compensation ensures excellent temperature stability over the temperature range. The limit frequency has been extended to 2kHz (-3dB) making the torque flange suitable for the most demanding of test applications. The torque flange can be provided with different speed measuring systems: a simple, robust 60-pulse design and a high-resolution alternative that provides additional angular measurement. Both options use dust and moisture-proof magnetic technology for maintenance free operation under arduous conditions. The high-resolution model offers angular resolution of up to 3600 pulses/rev. The integral digital measurement processing system offers an RS-232C interface to provide measurement data such as speed and torque to be read as calibrated digital values and allows the sensor to be configured and tared. Voltage outputs and frequency outputs can also be specified for compatibility with older torque flanges. The flange design is ideal for use in various test-rig applications including transmission testing, electric motor and pump test rigs. The flange-to-flange solution and the fact that it can be mounted from one side make the product very easy to mount in-line. Please contact Kistler Instruments Ltd for further details.