New KinetiMax™ frameless rotor/stator sets

New from Allied Motion Inc. and available from Mclennan, KinetiMax™ HPD series outer rotor brushless motors deliver a high torque-to-weight ratio and excellent efficiency as a compact and frameless rotor/stator part-set. For high performance motion control with continuously rated torque from 0.24 to 6.7 Nm and power output up to 1170 Watts.

The KinetiMax HPD series impresses as a frameless precision motor where its separate rotor/stator components and outer rotor design produces a high power density that reduces the overall drive size required in comparison to competitive models. It is available in six frame sizes, from 62 to 125 mm outer diameter - each with three standard stack lengths for optimal performance matching. In addition to power-to weight ratio benefits, its minimal overall length helps save installation space when built into customer machines with motor length ranging from 22 mm for the single-stack 62 mm diameter motor to 66 mm for the largest 3-stack model.

Applications include robotic arms and joints where the HPD’s generously dimensioned stator through hole can help accommodate larger bearings for increased payload capacity. With its high efficiency rating the motor is particularly suited to motion tasks on battery powered equipment such as professional power tools or AGVs – the HPD’s smooth motion, precision speed and position control capability is also perfect for specialist rotary actuators, handling machinery, industrial machinery and medical equipment.

The HPD’s large through aperture can accommodate electrical cabling or other services such as slip ring assemblies or fluidpower. The brushless HPD series will also help enable a very long machine working life and low maintenance.

Through the HPD series, the operating voltages range from 15 to 30 V DC with current up to 57 A for the largest model. Optional accessories include Hall commutation sensors for servo applications and stator mounted temperature sensors where peak performance monitoring is critical. Mclennan can supply all the complementary application components for the KinetiMax HPD including DC drives and servo components such as incremental or absolute encoders along with servo drives and automation/motion controls.