PlanarDLA Open Frame, XY, Direct-Drive, Mechanical-Bearing Stage

Aerotech's PlanarDLA integrated, low-profile, XY, linear-motor stages with clear aperture feature high dynamics and exceptional geometric performance with straightness to ±500 nm, ±1.25 µm flatness, 5 µrad orthogonality, accuracy to ±400 nm, speeds to 2.0 m/s, and accelerations to 2 g. Proprietary direct-drive technology allows for unmatched performance.

Aerotech’s PlanarDLA-series stages offer a clear aperture, high dynamics, and exceptional geometric performance in a compact, low-profile package. These stages are essential for applications ranging from two-sided LED wafer processing where high-dynamics and micrometer-level straightness are required, to quasi-static optical metrology where high-accuracy and precise geometric performance are necessary. The PlanarDLA is designed to meet a variety of application needs with an array of configurable options.

The PlanarDLA XY design provides for unparalleled planar geometric performance in applications where straightness and flatness of motion are critical. High-precision roller bearings, precision-machined surfaces, and noncontact direct-drive linear motors driving through the axes’ center-of-stiffness result in a positioning stage with exceptional geometric tolerances (straightness to ±0.5 µm and flatness to ±1.25 µm).

The PlanarDLA structural elements are optimized for high dynamics and high stiffness for the most demanding dynamic applications. The PlanarDLA achieves high servo bandwidths while at the same time maximizing the clear aperture available and keeping the overall height to a minimum. Capable of achieving 2 m/s velocities and 2 g accelerations, the PlanarDLA enables high-throughput, high-accuracy processing resulting in superior process yield and a low total cost of ownership.

At the heart of the PlanarDLA is Aerotech’s proprietary direct-drive technology. This drive technology allows for unmatched performance compared to other competitive screw-based and linear motor designs. Only noncontact, direct-drive technology offers high speed and accurate positioning coupled with maintenance-free operation and long service life.

All PlanarDLA stages are available with one or two motors per axis allowing optimization of each individual axis for the specific application and process. With two motors, the resulting drive force acts through the centers of friction and stiffness resulting in superior geometric performance and accuracy, while one motor per axis provides for a more economical choice if high-throughput and the strictest positioning performance are not required.

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