Motor stage with dynamic performance

Aerotech's PlanarDLA integrated, open-frame stages offer high dynamic and geometric performance in a low-profile package. The stages are suited for applications ranging from two-sided LED wafer processing to quasi-static optical metrology.

High-precision roller bearings, precision-machined surfaces and noncontact direct-drive linear motors driving through the axes' centre-of-stiffness result in a positioning stage with straightness to ±0.5µm and flatness to ±1.25µm.

The PlanarDLA achieves high servo bandwidths while maximising the clear aperture available and keeping the overall height to a minimum. The PlanarDLA is said to enable high-throughput, high-accuracy processing with velocities of 2m/s and 2g accelerations.

The PlanarDLA stages are available with one or two motors per axis and come in three positioning performance options: High-performance -PLUS and –ULTRA, that Aerotech claim enable accuracies and straightness values to ±500nm and orthogonality to 5µrad.