Precision linear actuators feature roller screw and grooved roller bearings for unparalleled power and force

Following its recent distribution agreement with Creative Motion Control, Mclennan now supplies the USA motion specialists’ broad range of precision grade linear actuators. These products impress with unmatched size-for-size power and force specifications in a totally unique, compact and incredibly robust design featuring high load and long-life roller screws and grooved roller bearings.

CMC’s CPD series linear actuators feature an inline or parallel (wrap around) motor mounting geometry that is compatible with virtually any manufacturer’s servo or stepper motors. The maximum standard product size, the CPD-1000, has a square section size of around 254 mm x 254 mm and a standard stroke length from 100 mm to almost 93 metres, and can produce a maximum continuous force of 1112 kN (motor dependant). The smallest standard size, the CPD-250, with a 63.5 mm square section produces 30 kN. These impressive specifications hold true with repeatability of around 0.02 mm and maximum actuator backlash of 0.075 mm. These convincing specifications are directly due to the drive chain design that utilises CMC’s roller screw and patented grooved roller bearing components, enabling a size-for-size comparison that far outperforms the competition that relies on traditional ball bearing support mechanics. The IP67 rated actuators also feature CMC designed and manufactured planetary gearboxes to suit application load and speed requirements - ensuring positioning precision is maximised rather than use spur gears or belt drive reduction mechanics. A wide choice of mechanical interfacing includes clevis pin, foot, flange or trunnion mounts, threaded rod ends etc. The CPD series is also available with a unique oil lubrication system yielding the actuator maintenance-free for the life of the unit for most applications.

With the possibility to select much more compact package sizes for the same power ratings, these attributes perfectly suit cost-effective applications in presses, broaching or stamping machines, injection moulding machines, hydraulic cylinder replacement and anywhere where controlled high linear force and/or precision positioning is required.

CMC’s precision roller screws and patented grooved roller bearings are also available as separate components from Mclennan in a wide range of sizes and specifications. For more details contact please visit, email, or call +44 (0) 1252 531444.