Sanyo Denki stepper motor range now includes CANOpen version

A new five phase stepper motor with encoder, built-in driver and CANOpen interface has been added to the 'Sanmotion' range of high torque motors from motion control specialists, Sanyo Denki, and is available in the UK from EAO.

The DPF Sanmotion stepper motors integrate the driver electronics into the motor package to produce a compact integrated system with less wiring that also includes a 500 PPR encoder to detect the actual position of the motor. The CANOpen interface offers connections to one of the best bus systems for industrial machinery and has a DSP-402 V2.0 profile. An RS-485 maintenance port offers independent test and diagnostics even if there is CAN network failure. There are 25 different microstep divisions including the basic 0.72 deg step angle and multiples of 1.8 deg that allow it be used as a two phase motor. With a line-up of four motors across 42mm and 60mm frame sizes the holding torques range from 0.28nm to 0.98nm, making these motors ideal for precision machinery applications. Download Full Data EAO is the UK's premier agent for the Sanyo Denki Sanmotion range of two, three and five phase stepper motors and microstepping drivers. Sanyo Denki offers a huge range of 1.8 and 0.9 degree steppers in frame sizes ranging from 28mm square up to 106mm square. With a range of added value services including custom cable harnessing, gearboxes and leadscrews, EAO is ready to meet your motion control needs. Contact for more information