Taking to the skies with maxon motor

In the new Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner, a special air-conditioning system improves the comfort of the passengers on long flights. Maxon's brushless DC motors, spur gearheads and resolver combinations ensure a good climate at great heights.

Last year, aircraft manufacturer Boeing launched a new long-distance aircraft: the Boeing 787, also called the Dreamliner. Unlike any other aircraft before it, the Dreamliner fuselage consists largely of carbon fibre. This offers an improved cabin atmosphere and pressure conditions. This makes long-distance flights more tolerable for the passengers. Boeing reveal the new innovative plastic body of the aircraft is stronger than a thin aluminum shell. The cabin pressure corresponds to a height of 1800 m. This is deemed to be more passenger-friendly than the customary 2400 m. Furthermore, the corrosion-resistant shell allows 15 percent air humidity in the interior, instead of the customary 4 percent. Therefore the climate system also works a little bit differently. All in all, 48 motors by maxon are at work in the climate control system of each Boeing 787. The air is not drawn from the jet engines under pressure, but is instead, fresh air from the outside atmosphere. On board electric motors power compressors to prepare the cabin air for a comfortable flight experience. maxon motor for a perfect climate Motors for aeronautic and astronautic applications differ greatly from standard motors. They have to withstand greater temperatures and vibrations, have a longer life span and have to be very reliable. Specific motor motions were required for the highly complex air-conditioning system. This includes drives for the cabin ventilation, for cooling the electronics and for closing and opening the air inlet on the outside of the aircraft. The motors have to withstand temperatures of -55 ?C to +85 ?C and the vibrations during take-off and landing - throughout the decades of the aircraft's service life. Therefore it is vital that the motors have a long life span. The cabin ventilation system consists of 36 shut-off valves that are driven by maxon EC 45 flat DC brushless motors. These light brushless motors have been designed to fit into even the smallest spaces.