The world's easiest 3D modeling tool

Are you designing in the most efficient way possible, and utilising the most technologically advanced 3D modeling tools? You might be surprised to learn of a better way. We invite you try ANSYS SpaceClaim, right now, in a cloud based session.

See for yourself this novel approach to 3D CAD you may not have experienced before. Built on direct modeling technology, ANSYS SpaceClaim delivers solutions to geometry problems in market segments such as concept modeling, design, manufacturing, 3D printing, reverse engineering, and simulation/CAE.

The ANSYS SpaceClaim platform is as groundbreaking today as it was a decade ago at inception. With a premise of ease of use and simplicity, the founder’s vision was to permeate the engineering world with a 3D tool that tackles the simplest to largest modeling problems with finesse.

End users across every industry experience a dramatic boost in productivity because of ANSYS SpaceClaim. Companies often see faster time to market and less overhead spent non value added operations. Various workflows that previously took weeks and days now take hours and minutes.

ANSYS SpaceClaim’s additive manufacturing tools deliver powerful repair, editing, and analysis tools without sacrificing speed and simplicity. With just a few clicks of mouse users can repair dirty stl files resulting in watertight and print ready designs. Common ANSYS SpaceClaim direct editing tools like Pull and Move function with stl files, giving users unprecedented control over any model. Optimization tools such as shelling, infill, thickness and overhang detection then ensure models are ideal for printing and cost reduction.

Finally, be sure to sign up for our 6/23 webinar where we’ll delve into the basics of SpaceClaim. You’ll learn why you should consider utilizing the direct modeling approach to 3D CAD, and how it has saved countless users hours and days of geometry problems.