Aerotech's nano Motion Technology range expands

Following closely behind the recent launch of single-axis and dual X-Y axis ANT series linear nanopositioning stages as a part of Aerotech's nano Motion Technology (nMT) range, two new rotary and two new vertical translation variants have now been introduced.

With Aerotech's direct-drive ANT series now covering 95 and 130mm wide linear and vertical-linear translation stages in addition to rotary and goniometric angular positioners, users can now specify long travel range, multi-axis nanometre resolution mechanics for high throughput production and demanding test and research applications. The new stages perfectly complement the outstanding precision, nanometre level precision and high dynamic performance offered by the landmark nMT range. The new ANT95-R and ANT130-R rotary stages comprise 95 mm and 130 mm diameter models with a positioning resolution of 0.1 arc sec and with a calibrated repeatability of just 2 arc sec. They both utilise Aerotech's specialised direct-drive motor technology for extremely smooth motion with in-position stability to within a staggering 0.5 arc sec. Both sizes are available in angular travel ranges of 20°, 180° or continuous 360° rotation and maximum speed and acceleration for the latter is up to 200 rpm/400 rad/sec2. Direct axial load capacity is 2 kg for the smaller diameter stage and 3kg for the larger stage. The error motion performance across both sizes of rotary stage (tilt, axial and radial) is in line with the outstanding overall specifications and suited to demanding high throughput manufacturing applications such as disk-drive fabrication, fibre optic device alignment, and MEMS sensor manufacture and test.