Breuckmann offers Rapidform software with its 3D scanners

INUS Technology has announced that Breuckmann, based in Baden-Württemberg Germany, has signed a sales agreement to offer Rapidform 3D scanning software to buyers of its 3D scanners.

Breuckmann scanners collect 3D point cloud and mesh data of real world objects, and Rapidform software processes 3D scan data for a variety of downstream uses in manufacturing, R&D, quality control and elsewhere. Many companies use Breuckmann scanners to capture the geometry of parts and the tools that make them, in order to create CAD models where none existed before. There are a handful of software products available to convert the scan data into CAD models, but Rapidform XOR is the only one that creates CAD solids with parametrically-driven feature trees. This allows users to make perfected models rather than copies of imperfect real-world parts. Users can also edit the CAD models inside Rapidform XOR, or in SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER or Siemens NX. Breuckmann scanners are also used for quality inspection purposes along with Rapidform XOV. The XOV software allows for precise alignment of scanned parts to pre-existing CAD models, and then generates deviation color maps to reveal any manufacturing errors in the part. Users can also perform geometric dimensioning and tolerancing on the parts after they have been accurately scanned with a Breuckmann scanner.