Brushless dc motors

Lin Engineering has announced the release of its latest NEMA 17 brushless dc (bldc) motors, the BL17 line.

The motors have been designed for applications that entail high speed and high dynamic torque. According to Lin, the bldc motors provide quiet and smooth operation regardless of speed range; speeds of up to 4000RPM are apparently attainable. The motors are available in four body lengths: 1.7, 2.4, 3.2 and 3.9in. Lin says they are capable of up to 106oz in of peak torque depending on the stack size. The motors are also suitable for users who prefer velocity control with an analogue input, do not need holding torque and may be having reliability issues with an existing Brush DC motor. The motors can be ordered with custom shaft and winding variations to meet exact speed/torque/voltage point.