Brushless servo motors offer low cost speed control

Applied Motion Products' recently announced BLDC series of brushless DC servo motors and matched BD series of drives for low cost speed control applications are now available in the UK from motion control specialist Mclennan.

The new drive solutions are particularly suited to cost sensitive OEM applications for driving packaging conveyors, transfer and elevating stations, material feeders, mixers and agitators, pumps, valves and closures. The 42mm brushless DC motors are optimised for velocity loop feedback and available in three frame lengths for a continuous rating of 105W, with a peak torque of 0.45Nm and speeds to 4500rpm. The matching panel mounted BD5 series drives offer a 5A continuous and 10A peak current rating from a 12 to 48VDC power supply. A choice of speed setting features include on-board trim pot, 0 to 5V analogue input or seven pre-set speeds selected from the drive's digital inputs. Acceleration and deceleration may also be set from an on-board trim pot. Additional drive I/O includes direction, stop and enable inputs with fault output and a motion tachometer output that may be used to synchronise other processes. I/O can be factory reconfigured to suit specific applications for OEMs along with modified shaft and mounting mechanics on the motors.