Canon enters 3D machine vision market

Canon has announced its entry into the machine vision market with the launch of 3-D Machine Vision Systems, models RV300, RV500 and RV1100. Designed for use with industrial robots, these systems are said to be capable of high-speed, high-accuracy three-dimensional recognition of objects.

Users can register data for parts to be picked up by inputting CAD data and by capturing images of the parts randomly assembled in a pile. Since no complicated programming is necessary, users can easily re-register parts in accordance with changes in type and shape of parts to be supplied in production.

Canon's 3-D Machine Vision Systems are said to recognise a range of objects, including parts with curved features, parts with few distinguishing characteristics and intricately structured parts within 1.8s. The RV300, RV500, RV1100 enable the 3D recognition of randomly piled parts as small as approximately 10, 20, and 45mm2 with error tolerances of 0.1, 0.15 and 0.5mm2, respectively.

The systems in combination with a robotic arm are claimed to help increase production efficiencies in factories by facilitating the automatic high-speed supply of parts to production lines.