Robust and efficient brushless DC motor

Dunkermotoren has added the BG 95 to its range of rotary brushless DC motors. It provides 1100W of continuous output power and can be overloaded by up to four times. With nominal voltages down to 24Vdc, the BG 95 is suitable for autonomous vehicles and other similar battery powered applications.

It is claimed that the BG 95 is designed to provide efficiencies of over 90% resulting in low current consumption and minimising the need for battery charge. When operating at 3650rpm, the continuous torque is 2.9Nm with a maximum of 10.4Nm. With its integrated encoder system the motor offers high resolution positioning and speed control using either 4096ppr incremental or 12bit absolute encoders.

The motor is available in two different sizes, BG 95 x 40 and BG 95 x 80 and expands the Dunkermotoren range and the modular system in terms of output power. It can be combined with planetary and worm gearboxes with ratios up to 710:1, as well as with encoders and brakes that are designed to fit the motor.