Complete EtherCAT product family

Deutschmann Automation has introduced its UNIGATE family for EtherCAT for Industry 4.0 applications. The products are said to enable the integration of various devices in EtherCAT networks.

The all-in-one bus node UNIGATE IC EtherCAT is designed for quick and easy integration. The embedded solution consisting of microcontroller, Flash, RAM and all other components such as optocoupler and bus driver is provided in a 32 DIL housing. UNIGATE IC EtherCAT can be connected via a UART interface to the microcontroller of the terminal device or can operate as stand-alone.

The protocol converter UNIGATE CL EtherCAT is available as a DIN rail module with dimensions of 23 x 115 x 100mm. UNIGATE CL EtherCAT uses a maximum data width of 1486byte input and 1486byte output, and supports a 100Mbit/s full-duplex transmission.

With the EtherCAT gateway of the UNIGATE CX series, various automation networks can be connected to EtherCAT networks. Thanks to its modular construction consisting of two UNIGATE CL modules, the DIN rail mountable gateway is available for all fieldbus and Ethernet variations, for which relevant UNIGATE-CL converters are provided.

The norm compliant EtherCAT products can be quickly configured or, with complex tasks, can be programmed via script with the Deutschmann developed Protocol Developer. Changes in the firmware of the terminal device are not necessary.

The Option I/O 8 is available for the protocol converter and the gateway, which allows eight digital I/Os to be configured in order to integrate logic functions without additional hardware and thus without additional costs.