Easy, rugged, stand-alone RFID scanner

SICK has launched the RFU650, a long-range read/write RFID device that delivers compact, stand-alone RFID identification and traceability without requiring complex programming or separate external antennae.

The RFU650 offers a rugged and affordable device with a sensing range of up to 5m that is claimed to distinguish accurately between transponder tags on assembly parts, goods or packages, even when they are moving in opposite directions in automated factory, goods handling or logistics environments. The RFU650’s durable IP67 enclosure rating enables it to be used in rugged environments and external locations.

The built-in technology of the RFU650 also makes it easy for integrators or OEMs to link it into factory and warehouse networks.With SICK’s 4Dpro connectivity, the RFU650 communicates with all common industrial fieldbuses and is compatible with other SICK RFID read/write devices, making it highly flexible as part of an upgraded or enhanced installation for improved tracking and control. Additional software functions can be programmed in the SICK software environment and integrated into the device via the SICK APPSpace platform.