Eaton launches maintenance-free 2-pole DC contactors

Eaton has released the DILDC300/600 range of hybrid contactors to ensure reliable control of frequent DC switching. Compact and dependable, these contactors are said to support loads of 300 to 600A at up to 1000Vdc.

However, the DILDC contactors require no maintenance and provide an operating lifespan of more than 150,000 electrical operations compared to conventional contactors that require maintenance after approximately 10,000 to 25,000.

DILDC contactors are also said to handle 1000Vdc per pole and current flow in both directions. The contactors, which can be controlled conventionally or with a programmable logic controller, have a compact frame size that reduces costly panel space requirements. In addition, the contactors feature a wide-range coil that covers AC operating voltages from 110 to 250V as well as DC operating voltages from 110 to 350V.

Eaton’s DC hybrid contactors provide a technically efficient and cost-effective solution in a wide range of applications. These include solar energy installations, energy storage systems, battery test benches and DC grids.

Eaton DILDC300/600 hybrid contactors are currently available in two versions, with extensions to the range planned for introduction in the near future. Both versions are two-pole devices and both can be used on systems up to 1000Vdc.