EMS to supply new stepper motor

​Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) Ltd has announced that it will offer the latest product in the Faulhaber range. The DM66200H series of hollow shaft stepper motors boasts a new direct drive mechanism for applications that require a uniquely wide aperture, while providing impressive performance values.

The DM66200H series’ direct drive uses Faulhaber’s trusted stepper motor technology to enable the motor to run around the aperture and directly drive the surrounding mechanics, removing the need for a transmission. The repeatability of this technology and high holding torque also removes the need for a brake or encoder in most cases.

Simple, yet highly effective, design is further shown as the series operates without backlash to provide easier integration compared to traditional torque motors, which can be more expensive and complex to integrate into applications.

The series possesses an extremely wide aperture diameter of 40 millimetres (mm) — significantly larger than that of standard hollow shaft motor, which are typically limited to eleven millimetres (mm).

While standard torque motors tend to struggle with reaching high speeds due to their large moving mass, the Faulhaber DM66200H series has a small moving mass despite its large aperture, enabling speeds of up to 2,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

The motor also achieves a dynamic torque value of up to 180 millinewton metres (mNm), which can move proportionally large loads. These performance values are greater than those that any hybrid stepper motor with reluctance technology could achieve at the same volume and weight.

“The DM66200H series’ new direct drive mechanism broadens the range of applications for stepper motors,” explains Dave Walsha, commercial development officer at EMS Ltd. “Although the motor was developed for precision optics, its large aperture means that it is ideal for any application where something needs to pass through the opening, be it cables, gases, fluids or light signals.

“The motor can therefore be used in impellers, prostheses and robotics, as well as a variety of control and positioning tasks such as those involved in turntables. With so many relevant uses in a range of industries, this latest innovation in precision motors will bring value to industries across the UK, supported by EMS’s extensive knowledge of Faulhaber products.”