Raising the bar in speed and torque

EMS supplies new FAULHABER AM3248 stepper motor.

Sole UK supplier of Faulhaber motors, Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS), is supplying the new Faulhaber AM3248 stepper motor. Capable of achieving speeds five times that of comparable stepper motors, the AM3248 delivers exceptional performance in a compact size.


The multi-pole, two phase AM3248 stepper motor performs 48 steps per revolution and offers speeds up to 10,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). Exhibiting a low inertia, the new motor can deliver high speed from the very first step, making it well suited to applications that require fast acceleration and quick changes in direction.

Along with remarkable speed, the AM3248 offers a high holding torque of 85 millinewton meters (mNm). Combined with a gearhead reduction of 100:1, the motor can supply torque of five Newton meters (Nm). Paired with a FAULHABER 32GPT gearhead, the performance values the new stepper motor achieves for its size are unrivalled on the market.

The mighty speed and torque of the new stepper motor is all packed into a diameter of just 32 millimetres (mm). These small dimensions make the motor ideal for applications in areas such as aerospace, large optical systems, the semiconductor industry, robotics and 3D printing.

For instance, in the aerospace industry, the AM3248 stepper motor could be used to move satellite booms that are responsible for positioning solar panels, so that they are always in direct alignment with the sun. The motor’s compact size allows the mechanical system to remain small enough to be feasibly launched into space, while its impressive torque is powerful enough to move the panels in extreme conditions.

The AM3248 is built with longevity in mind. FAULHABER’s precision manufacturing process means all its motors perform reliably for many years. The newly developed large ball bearings of the AM3248 stepper motor further extend the already long service life of its motor type. Its high reliability makes it advantageous in applications that require consistency, such as laboratory automation. Here, each action, such as pumping out the required dose of a medicine, must be performed with fine repeatability.

“Despite its compact size, the new FAULHABER AM3248 stepper motor raises the bar in terms of speed and torque,” said Dave Walsha, sales manager at EMS. “Exhibiting high performance and a long service life, the new motor is suitable for even the most demanding of applications.

“As the UK’s sole supplier of FAULHABER motors, EMS offers a range of add-ons that can be paired with the new motor to advance its performance further. For instance, incredibly fine speed control can be achieved by combining the AM3248 with a FAULHABER IE3 magnetic encoder,” Walsha added.

“The new AM3248 stepper motor complements our already comprehensive collection of FAULHABER products, helping us to continue offering our customers the latest in cutting edge drive technologies.”



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