Gentle pumping of sensitive ingredients

Pump Engineering has released the CSF range of progressive cavity pumps for the transfer products and ingredients with suspended solids and particles in the food, brewing, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The CSF range includes the eccentric screw, positive displacement MAE series of pumps.

CSF MAE progressive cavity self-priming pumps are claimed to be suited to transferring low viscosity products like soups or sauces, high viscosity products such as jams, creams, pastes and pie fillings or delicate ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, with a gentle pumping action which does not damage sensitive ingredients. The positive displacement pumping action from the rotor and stator arrangement is said to deliver a consistent flow, without the need for pulsation dampeners or non-return valves.

The MAE Series is a more compact option with the pump directly coupled to the drive, resulting in a smaller footprint. When used in conjunction with a variable speed drive MAE pumps can be used for dosing or proportioning applications. Where applications involve high viscosity products the pumps can be fitted with a hopper or wide throat inlet.

All wetted parts are manufactured from polished or satin AISI 316L stainless steel and the pump’s tie-rod construction allows for quick and simple inspection, cleaning and maintenance. Stators are available in white rubber for food use or other elastomers to suit the application. MAE Series pumps are available with a single mechanical seal as standard, with double seals or packed glands if required.