Miniature inert solenoid pumps provide optimum flexibility

Lee Products’ range of solenoid pumps has been developed in response to the ever-increasing demands of the medical and scientific industries for components which require less space, weigh less and contribute toward energy savings. Lee’s range of inert solenoid pumps comprises the LPL, LPM and LPG Series and represents a comprehensive range of fixed volume dispense pumps which meet designers’ objectives whilst providing optimum flexibility.

They are designed to provide precise and repeatable, fixed volume dispensing in a small, lightweight package. Features include, a port head design that allows tubing connections and manifold mounting which enable designers to test the fluidic system using connections to non-permanent ‘soft connections’. Once the system design has been finalised and approved the same pump can be manifold mounted using standard O-rings and this applies across the full range with 1/16” or 3/32” sized tubing.

The pumps feature inert wetted materials (PEEK) body with a choice of FKM and EPDM as standard elastomers. Options include 12 or 24Vdc and the range provides volumes ranging from 10, 25, 50, 100 or 175µL per dispense.

The electrical interface of all Lee’s solenoid pumps features a contoured end-cap that provides secondary connector retention which is compatible with standard AMP connectors. Compatible lead wire sets are available in lengths of 6” or 24” to suit the application.