Heavy duty magnetostrictive position sensors

MTS Sensors has unveiled the T-Series of magnetostrictive linear position sensors. Based on the company's Temposonics technology, these devices are designed to give accurate non-contact position measurement in hazardous working environments where they may be exposed to flames, caustic substances and potentially explosive atmospheres, such as chemical plants and oil/gas rigs.

They are said to be the first linear positioning sensors in the industry to meet SIL 2 standards. In addition, they are fully compliant with ATEX and IECEx safety certifications.

It is claimed these devices can withstand shocks of up to 100g and vibrational forces of up to 15g (for frequencies from 20 to 2000Hz). Certain models can cope with pressures of 5000psi. The operational temperature range of the sensors is -40 to 85°C and, since these sensors are not reliant on moving parts, their MTTF figure is claimed to be 100 years, when operating at 60°C.

The sensors are protected from liquid ingress thanks to their IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69K and NEMA 4X compliance. They also offer a degree of immunity to electro-magnetic radiation, in accordance with IEC/EN 61326-2-3 (Class B).