MTS Sensors updates E-Series

MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corporation, introduces a new, high performance magnetostrictive position sensor, using its Temposonics technology.

"The ET sensor is designed to be effective in industry sectors where elevated temperatures are a major concern," said Robert Luong, MTS Sensors' Industrial Technical marketing manager. "The magnetostrictive technology it utilises provides a wear-free sensing mechanism that has significant value in heavy industrial settings."

The proprietary Temposonics magnetostrictive sensing technology developed by MTS Sensors gives a non-contact method for accurately measuring position, which permits its implementation into the most demanding of application environments.

The new product extends the supported temperature range of the MTS E-Series, with the ability to determine exact positions even at 105°C temperature levels. This small rod sensor can be integrated directly into a cylinder, with rod length options covering 50mm to 3000mm. It is claimed by MTS that the sensor exhibits linearity deviation of less than 0.02%.

ET sensors have liquid ingress protection in accordance with IP68. These devices are equipped with a start/stop interface. Furthermore, ATEX certification for hazardous areas is available. They also have the capacity for sensor parameters to be automatically uploaded. A 316L stainless steel variant can be specified if needed.