Improved roller guideway MR 45 from Schneeberger

A new generation of roller guideway, the Schneeberger Monorail MR 45, is now available from LG Motion.The Swiss German manufacturer has collated customer feed-back on the performance of its products out in the field and has developed the MR 45 with some key improvements.

The Monorail MR 45 is self-lubricating, shock resistant, soil repellant and compatible with the previous generation of roller guideway, the cross wiper can be replaced by pulling over the rails, and front plate attachment with four screws.

A key feature of the Monorail MR 45 is that the body has been improved to take heavy loads.Alongside increased rigidity, the radii in the load-bearing part of the body are 100% longer which is said to greatly improve safety under heavy loads.