Schneeberger recirculating units available from LG Motion

Schneeberger has launched its range of compact recirculating units, featuring unlimited stroke with linear motion, in the UK through LG Motion.

The units include the Type SK, Type SKD, Type SKC and Type SR, are supplied with either ball or roller bearings and are able to support rigid and compact designs with an unlimited stroke.The standard unit is also combined with Schneeberger linear bearings types R and RD.The components are manufactured from through hardened tool steel with aluminium transmission parts as well as plastic wipers and damping elements.Stainless steel versions of the unit are available on request.

The units deliver a high level of accuracy and rigidity and are suitable for use in both normal environments as well as cleanrooms or in a vacuum.The range of sizes and options are suitable for small to heavy loads and it is also possible to even out minor angular errors with the units.

The recirculating units are available in sizes 1 – 12 and come in various lengths.For small to medium loads the ball bearing option types SK and SKD with damping elements is recommended. For heavy loads the SR unit with crosswise rollers is recommended and for vacuum and cleanroom applications the SKC with ceramic balls should be used.