Lightweight energy chain retraction system for industrial robots

Igus has developed a lightweight and effective retraction system for feeding tubes for rivets and screws on industrial high-speed assembly robots. Triflex RSE is claimed to prevent looping of the energy chain as it moves, preventing tube blockages from occurring which can lead to unplanned and costly machine downtime.

Through its smooth, linear travel, the triflex RSE retraction system offers an efficient and cost-effective solution that requires no spring rods or deflecting rollers. The lightweight system is based on the maintenance-free drylin linear guide, which transports the chain for travels of up to 600mm – heavy-duty elastic bands pull the extended chain back automatically to prevent loops forming.

The retraction system is designed for closed or openable triflex R energy chain models TRC, TRE and TRCF, and are available in sizes measuring from 60 to 125mm in diameter. They are locked by means of a connecting element and a linear slide, which in turn can be connected by adjustable fastening plates to integrate with a variety of robot types.