Linear actuators can replace pneumatic cylinders

Optimised for high power density and energy efficiency, the PC-series of precision electric linear actuators is being offered as a lower cost alternative to traditional pneumatic cylinders.

Available in the UK from Heason Technology, the actuators are said to offer much simpler machine design with fewer components, considerably more flexibility in control, as well as reduced maintenance and higher overall performance. The company claims that by replacing pneumatic cylinders with the PC-series, users can generate energy savings per-axis which exceed the cost of the new actuators in only one year. The actuators consist of a precision ball screw, stainless steel extension tube and rod adapter with IP65 rated sealing. They suit applications in food and beverage packaging and processing where frequent wash down may be required. In addition, the actuators have a high side load capability and quiet operation, making them suitable for materiala handling, factory automation and medical/laboratory equipment. They come with square sizes of 34, 45 and 55mm with stroke lengths up to 1200mm.