Durable ERD stainless steel linear actuators

Motion Control Products Ltd has introduced the ERD22 electric rod linear actuator series. The actuators are said to be a replacement for pneumatic cylinders and an alternative to manual processes. With force capabilities up to 7000N, the all-300 series stainless-steel ERD22 features hygienic design and IP69k rating.

Suitable for medium-force washdown applications, the ERD22 linear actuator is approved for meat, poultry and dairy applications such as pumping, fluid dispensing, volumetric filling, slicing, cutting and chopping.

The ERD series electric linear actuator is available in seven body sizes, with stroke lengths up to 1,016mm, speeds up to 1,460.5mm/s, and forces up to 20,000N, depending on the size and screw choice.

The series is available with ball screws, roller screws and acme screws for a variety of cost, force, speed and life options to fit most applications. In addition to food and beverage processing, ERD electric actuators are ideal for a variety of motion control applications including product changeovers, gating/sorting/diverting, pick and place and heat staking/sonic welding.