Long life gas sensor

Oldham has launched the OLCT 10N, a digital gas detector of oxygen, combustible or toxic gases designed for commercial or industrial use in ATEX zone 2 or 22 areas or in non- hazardous environments. The sensor is particularly suited for use in laboratories, cooling rooms, hospitals, boiler rooms and waste water treatment plants.

The device features a lead free design and is said to have an operational life of five years. It carries a four year warranty and completes the range of Oldham’s current two year life O2 sensors.

Intended to be used with the MX43 controller, the OLCT 10N is claimed to provide a fast and accurate response, with all transmitter information being received by the controller in less than 1s. Electrical installation is said to be simple with a fieldbus network that allows for up to 32 detectors to be connected on the same digital line or distributed on eight lines.