Rotary sensor offers reliable, long-life operation in motorsport applications

Variohm EuroSensor’s VTP11 rotary position sensor combines resistive element technology and D-shaft mounting in an IP66 rated package that is said to give reliable and long-life operation for high performance motorsports - especially for throttle position sensing.

With a 97° measuring range and 5kO throttle range resistance value from a 5 to 24Vdc input, the VTP11 is suited to a variety of motorsports and specialist vehicle applications. The mechanical range of the sensor is 112° and its rated operational life is claimed to be 5million cycles. The device operates across a temperature range from -25 to 125 °C with short term peaks to 150°C for up to 15 minutes.

The motorsports-standard 8mm D-shaft through-hole means it is easy to install and interchangeable with competitive models. Radial slots for M4 screws on a 32.5mm PCD in the highly resilient glass-filled PBT housing allow for generous mounting adjustment. Three wire connection via insulated leads is available on the standard model with connector options also available.