Milling and engraving print head adaptors for Renkforce 3D printer

Optional print head adapters for milling and engraving attachments, rated up to 175W, have been introduced by Conrad Business Supplies for use with its Renkforce RF1000 3D printer.

Designed by Conrad's Technology Centre, the Renkforce RF1000 offers users an adaptable, professional grade tool for the creation and development of 3D objects. Conrad also offers other accessories, such as an aluminium router table including fixings that support the safe machining of work pieces.

The RF1000 is said to allow for the fabrication of model-based prototypes, architectural models, packaging, parts and hobby work from a variety of different materials. Capable of creating one-off scale models or limited production runs, the equipment has been designed to offer users functionality across a variety of applications. It features a 230 x 245 x 200mm backlit print chamber that provides space for different projects and is suitable for materials including wood, stone, PLA, ABS and nylon.