Minature inert solenoid valve

Lee Products has added the LFY2 Chemically Inert Solenoid Valve to their Y-Valve range. The valve is said to allow rapid, precise dispensing of aggressive and sensitive fluids, which is a critical requirement in many OEM applications.

This three-way inert, zero-dead volume solenoid valve features a 'Y' internal flow design that is said to reduce the internal volume to 12µl. This design also provides a clean, flushable flow path which Lee Products claims reduces, or eliminates carry over between fluids and helps to protect fragile samples as well as virtually eliminating pumping effects, which is common to diaphragm valves.

The electrical interface of the valve provides secondary connector retention and is compatible with standard AMP connectors. Available in 12 and 24Vdc operating voltages and with either 062 MINISTAC or standard ¼ - 28 flat bottom fluid connections the LFY2 requires a 77 x 26mm footprint.

The valve has a response time of less than 30ms and is designed for operation of over 5 million cycles. Custom configurations, including wetted materials and porting configurations are available to suit specific OEM applications.