One-Touch away from simplicity

Wixroyd has unveiled a tool free fastening solution: ‘One Touch’ fasteners work on a simple combination of pin-and-receptacle to attach fixtures, plates, machine covers and more, joining components with moderate clamping force.

One Touch fasteners are said to offer different strengths to suit varying applications: Ball Locking One Touch Fasteners are similar to a ball lock pin, the pin uses balls on the shaft to secure it into the receptacle. The balls themselves are disengaged when the actuation button is pressed and engage upon release. A recessed button version is available that reduces the risk of accidental actuation. Alternatively, quarter turn t-handle ball locking versions are also available that visually indicate whether or not the fastener is in the open or closed position.

Cam Locking One Touch Fasteners use variations of a quarter turn handle to actuate locking. The fastener’s pin follows the cam profile of the receptacle directing the pin into the locked position, and pulling the two clamped surfaces together. A low profile handle is available for more discrete applications.

Ball Clamping One Touch Fasteners use ball bearings in the receptacle to grip the recess on the pin’s shaft. The receptacles come in two varieties; mechanical or safety release.Actuating the mechanical release requires simply applying enough force to pull the receptacle off the pin, whereas the safety release receptacle uses a push and twist motion to disengage the balls before it can be removed.

Magnet Locking One Touch Fasteners use a magnetic force to produce a clamping affect. The clamping force is limited at 7N and the pin allows for a shear strength of 900N.

One-Touch fasteners are said to help increase productivity by reducing set up times, eliminating errors in assembly and installation and simplifying procedures. They are suitable for use in applications requiring regular disassembly/assembly, or frequent changes of set up or reconfiguration of production equipment, including food manufacturing, pharmaceutical assembly lines and bottling plants for the attachment of conveyors, star wheels, guide plates, shooters, pushers, handling machine chucks, rotary blades and maintenance covers on machines.