Simple one touch fastening

Wixroyd has released the One Touch tool free fastening solution that work on a combination of pin-and-receptacle to attach fixtures, plates, machine covers and more, joining components with moderate clamping force.

One Touch fasteners are said to be an easy and secure alternative to nut and bolt assemblies. Available in ball-locking, cam-locking, ball clamping and magnet-lock clamping pins styles One Touch fasteners offer different strengths to suit varying applications.

One Touch fasteners are also claimed to reduce set up times, eliminate errors in assembly and installation and simplify procedures, increasing productivity. Wixroyd says users whose applications require regular disassembly/assembly, or frequent changes of set up or reconfiguration of production equipment are said to benefit from One Touch Fasteners, these include; food manufacturers, pharmaceutical assembly lines and bottling plants.

Other application examples for One Touch fasteners include the attachment of conveyors, star wheels, guide plates, shooters, pushers, handling machine chucks, rotary blades and maintenance covers on machines.

Wixroyd claims that the long term benefits to a business utilising One Touch fasteners are significant as well as simple to implement.