Planetary screw drive offers high load carrying capacity and high power density

Schaeffler has introduced the PWG range of planetary screw drives that provides a high load carrying capacity and high power density.

The high power density of the PWG means that it can also be used as an alternative to hydraulic drives. The PWG is said to pave the way towards ‘smart actuators’ – electromechanical linear actuators that combine the highest possible efficiencies with the smallest possible design envelope.

The PWG planetary screw drive is suitable for applications that require high loads at spindle pitches of less than 5mm. Friction levels are said to remain low due to internal load distribution and the optimised osculation between the spindle thread flanks and the crowned flanks of the planetary gear grooves. When planetary gears with the correct groove diameter are selected, overall pitches of 0.75 to 5mm can be achieved.

The drives are suited to applications in mirror tracking systems for solar power systems, azimuth adjustment systems in wind energy, feed units for sheet metal forming, sheet metal bending machines, locking cylinders for plastic injection moulding machines, riveting and cutting devices, and in adhesive dispensing and metering systems. The PWG is already used in clutch actuators for the automotive industry.