Professional-grade desktop 3D printer

RS Components has released the EnvisionTEC Perfactory Micro XL personal desktop 3D DLP manufacturing system. The professional-grade unit delivers high-resolution print capability within a compact desktop form factor, and plugs easily into a PC via a standard USB connection. It is compatible with proprietary flexible ABS compounds as well as HTM 140.

With a build envelope of 100mm x 75mm x 100mm, Perfactory Micro XL can tackle a range of industrial and commercial tasks. XY resolution of 150µm and Z resolution of 50-100µm allow users to build accurate and detailed reproductions of objects that have been scanned, computer generated or downloaded from the Internet.

"3D printing is developing quickly and has countless industrial applications. RS is dedicated to offering the best selection of equipment meeting the needs of our customer base," said Ben Lawton, Global Head of Tools and Consumables at RS.