PTC introduces latest version of its ThingWorx IoT platform

PTC has released ThingWorx 7, the latest version of its Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Robust, scalable, and easy to use, ThingWorx is said to enable designers to develop and deploy smart, connected IoT solutions. The platform is said to contain one of the most complete sets of integrated IoT-specific development tools and capabilities, making feature-rich solution development simple while accelerating time-to-market.

ThingWorx Utilities, formerly ThingWorx Converge, now offers several pre-built tools to help companies manage, monitor, and extract data from their products, including: Connected Device Management Capabilities; Alert Management; and Software Content Management.

PTC has also announced that ThingWorx will integrate with public device clouds to provide an open IoT platform for all customers, partners, and vendors to use to meet their IoT goals, beginning with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT. Companies can use AWS’s device cloud to connect devices, send data to and from a device, and auto-provision the device directly from ThingWorx.

ThingWorx Analytics now plugs directly into the Thing Model, making it easier and faster to build advanced analytics, predictions, and recommendations within ThingWorx-powered solutions.

With ThingWorx 7, developers can use their preferred development tools, such as Eclipse, or source code management tools, such as Git, in an environment that makes it possible for them to prototype and experiment with IoT solutions.