Publish 3D V.18

Version 18 for Theorem's Publish 3D suite of products improves performance and robustness for JT users by supporting all versions of the JT file format from Version 6.0 - 9.5. It includes product features and enhancements for Theorem's Publish 3D suite of products.

Publish 3D V.18 features improved processing of data groups .This is said to simplify the assembly tree along with an added option that provides control over how the sub-ordinate data is processed by controlling the tessellation quality. There has also been added control for the lighting, render and activate modes and extra support for the Theorem Unified Interface.

Theorem's Publish 3D allows the user to create and share PDF documentation containing embedded interactive 3D data without the need for third party applications. Published interactive 3D models contained within a standard PDF document can then be viewed and interrogated using Adobe Acrobat Reader.