Quiet operation solenoid valve for optimum patient comfort

Miniature component specialist Lee Products has introduced a new quiet operation, compact high density interface (hdi) three way solenoid valve for controlling gas or air flows in medical devices. The valve has been optimised to reduce noise levels emitted from bedside medical devices by 50%.

A typical solenoid valve operates with an inherent clicking sound when energised which is caused by the metal to metal contact of the moving armature and stationary core. With Lee Products' quiet operation hdi valve, a synthetic hydrocarbon fluid is used in the wetted section of the valve. This is said to effectively dampen the sound level of the valve's components to less than 37dBA when recorded and measured at a distance of 24in and a valve cycle frequency of 10Hz. Other features of the valve include an operating pressure range of Vacuum - 45psig (0-15 psid) and a flow capacity on air (3 way model) of 4.4 SLPM at 10 psig (1500 Lohms; Cv = .013). Operating temperature range is from 40 to 120°F and life expectancy is rated at 250 million cycles. Available in face mount, plug in and ported configurations, the quiet operation hdi weighs less than 4.5g and is said to be ideal for medical applications including dialysis machines, patient monitors, ventilators, respirators and other bedside medical devices.