Safer, Smarter, Smaller, Simpler

Elmo launches its Platinum series of servo drives.

The Elmo Platinum series was designed to meet the evolving needs of OEM designers for safer, smarter, smaller, and faster servo, which includes higher functionality and ease-of-use. Platinum drives aim to help machines and robotic manufacturers create better machines through both superior motion-control and utmost safety.

Elmo’s industry-leading Platinum line of servo drives provides faster and more enhanced servo performance with wider bandwidth, higher resolutions, and advanced control for better results. Platinum drives offer precise EtherCAT networking, faster cycling, very high synchronization, negligible jitters, and near-zero latency. They are fully synchronized to the servo loops and feature-rich feedback support, up to three feedbacks simultaneously (with two absolute encoders working simultaneously). The Platinum lines include one of the world’s smallest Functional Safety and FSoE certified servo drives with unique SIL capabilities

All servo drives of the Platinum series can easily be configured with the new EASII 2.7 software: EtherCAT configuration, motion configuration, drive tuning, parameter recording, and much more