Schaeffler has sensor detent for engine stop-start systems

Schaeffler has developed a new sensor system for detecting neutral and reverse gear positions in manual transmission systems.

While similar systems comprise an add-on sensor with a separate magnet fitted to three separate mounting positions, the new sensor detent requires no add-on components and can be installed in just one mounting position. According to Schaeffler, the design of the detent also means that the selector shaft and housing don't require additional machining for mounting. The device combines an existing detent with a sensor that measures lift. The forced stroke of the detent that occurs during gearshifts is recorded and processed in the gearshift unit using the sensor on the detent. The relevant signal is output to an integrated connector. Depending on vehicle requirements, the sensor can handle pulse width modulationor single edge nibble transmission protocols and can also output analogue signals. The sensor detent positions the gearshift unit in neutral in all shift gates and simultaneously detects this position, which is said to ensure high accuracy.