Variohm adds 8mm D-shaft option to motorsports sensor range

Variohm EuroSensor has increased the interfacing flexibility of its motorsports-proven Euro-XP non-contacting angle sensor with an 8mm diameter D-shaft drive option which is available with a choice of 32 or 38mm PCD mounting. The coupling-free sensor is convenient for direct connection on motorsport position sensing applications such as throttle, steering angle, suspension and gearbox position sensing.

The 28mm Euro XP family, also available with Form ‘U’, spring coupling or separate ‘Puck+Magnet’ versions features the motorsports industry preferred 5Vdc ratiometric output and includes a redundant dual-track 360° measuring range for safety-critical use. The position output covers 5 to 95% of the 5Vdc supply voltage and being absolute, does not lose position after power loss. The precision of the Euro XP family combines an independent linearity of ±0.5% of each signal range with repeatability to better than 0.2%.

The D-shaft sensor joins the Euro XP family with completely contactless technology and a mechanical bearing-free design with a life specification said to be in excess of 50million movements. The fully encapsulated sensor element ensures complete environmental protection – rated to IP68, in addition to IEC 60068-2-6 protection against shock and vibration – suiting it to challenging race track conditions. The sensor is moulded in highly resilient glass-filled PBT plastic with threaded inserts and a reinforced mounting-flange with stainless steel kidney washers that add further durability.