User-friendly handheld test and measurement devices

Conrad Business Supplies has introduced five families of handheld test and measurements devices from Testo. The twelve new products of the 770, 760, 755, 750 and 745 families provide intuitive and user-friendly means to measure electrical current and voltage in different settings and environments.

The three devices that make up the Testo 770 range are clamp meters, suited for current measurement in switching cabinets. A unique mechanism which retracts one of the two pincer arms ensures that cables, even in constrained cabinets, can still be easily grabbed. Similarly innovative are the three Testo 760 automatic multimeters that boast function keys in the place of dials, to provide easier operation. They also feature automatically detected measurement parameters that make it impossible for the user to enter incorrect settings.

Of the remaining three families, there are the two Testo 755 voltage testers, which are first of their kind to be capable of measuring both voltage and current. Next are the three models of the 750 range that incorporate novel all-round LED displays, permitting the results to be seen from any angle. Finally, the Testo 745 is a non-contact voltage tester with a range of up to 1000V, with both sound and visual voltage warnings, plus a filter for high-frequency interference signals.