drylin delta robot: build or buy

Since the launch of the drylin delta robot last year, igus gives machine builders the option to buy it directly from stock as a kit or delivered pre-assembled ready to install. Its maintenance-free belt drive units, lubrication-free link rods, encoders and stepper motors combine to create a lightweight and reliable, low-cost automation solution for conveyor and buffer table pick-and-place tasks.

In this week’s video, we see how quick and easy it is to assemble and the benefit of ordering it ready built. Within 24 hours of receipt of order, it will be as a kit in a box. Comprehensive assembly instructions are included, and an assembly video is available online at: www.igus.co.uk/deltaassembly Alternatively, the delta robot can be delivered pre-assembled on a transport frame ready for installation.

The drylin delta robot is available from as little as £5,000 and ensures high speeds with a pick rate to a maximum of 60 per minute. igus estimates that with the usual integration costs, including sensors or cameras, each installation will be around £15,000 to £20,000, which means that it will pay for itself within a year.

Regardless of the decision to build or buy, the machine builder is free to use their preferred software and controller. As an alternative, they can opt for the intuitive and easy-to-use dryve D1 controller from igus.