igus drylin delta robot coming to a location near you

drylin delta robot is now on tour; there are live performances at business venues up and down the UK and Ireland, from Aberdeen to Bristol and Dublin to Galway. Last week our skilled engineers toured Yorkshire and Leeds, demonstrating the drylin delta robot as a low-cost automation solution for repetitive tasks, such as pick and place, simple assembly, and inspection tasks. In July, the drylin 2019 tour will be in the South West, East Anglia, and the West Midlands.

About the drylin 2019 tour, Vanessa Whiteley, drylin delta business development manager at igus says: “Proud to be known for our tactile and practical approach to engaging with customers, we’ve visited over 20 businesses this year from industries including packaging, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and manufacturing.”

The drylin delta robot uses NEMA stepper motors and encoders to ensure fast handling of up to 1 kg with a precision of ±0.5 mm and for loads up to 5 kg there is a guaranteed pick rate of at least 60 per minute. The open design enables manufacturers to use their own controller, however, they can opt for the intuitive and easy-to-use dryve D1 controller from igus.

“We estimate that with the usual integration costs, each robot installation will be around £10,000 to £15,000, which means that it will pay for itself after a few months,” adds Whiteley.